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Our Goal

To make your pet’s final days comfortable and enjoyable.

We all want to provide a stress-free atmosphere for our companions at this crucial stage in their lives - for many sick animals this means the safe and familiar surroundings of their own home.

What Can I Expect?

As our pets grow older, and their physical and mental status changes, it can be confusing to know if they are undergoing a normal part of the aging process or if it is their “time.” No one wants to euthanize their beloved pet too soon. Similar to people, animals undergo either a rapid or gradual loss of motor and cognitive functions. Our pets can develop arthritis, become constipated or incontinent, lose their sense of smell and refuse to eat, become disoriented, lose their hearing, or vocalize at various hours of the day and night.

A consultation with your vet is the best first step. Sometimes certain physical or behavioral changes can be treated and have positive outcomes. Diagnostics may reveal that some problems can be managed with either the proper medication or supportive care. Supportive care can include a combination of pain medications, nutrition adjustment, and household accessories such as ramps and carpet runners. Just knowing why your pet is acting differently can give you peace of mind. Of course, you alone make the final decisions about how your pet accepts treatment and if it is financially feasible.

Other times, a life-limiting illness has been established and efforts to provide a life without pain, nausea and frustration have been exhausted or impossible to implement. In the best of times, a trip to the veterinarian's office can be stressful, but when your pet is too sick or would be too traumatized for such a journey, a house call may be the best choice. Euthanasia may be a consideration at this point. It’s a decision no one wants to make. We all question if we are making the decision too soon – or too late. When the day finally arrives, owners can be beset by doubt, fear and guilt - even when they intuitively know that they are giving their companion freedom from pain and suffering.

Nothing will make it an easy day. But if you feel you and your pet would benefit from a house call in the privacy and comfort of your home, it is one more option.

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If we decide that euthanasia is the humane option, a sedative will be administered to relax and remove all pain and anxiety from your pet before the euthanasia solution is administered.

You can decide if a burial or cremation is what you and your family would like. You can opt to have the ashes returned to you, or you may want to preserve the memory of your pet with some other commemorative item. There are many online stores that provide such keepsakes.

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